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JM-B-6C/N Portable Vibration Analyzer

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Product Details

System specification

• Establish inspection plan measurement parameter sequences for data collection

• Download inspection plan sequences to the instrument

• Acquire magnitude, spectrum, time-domain waveform and phase data

• Upload inspection data and temporary measurement data directly from the instrument to a PC

• Various collected signals can be directly analyzed and browsed on the instrument

Technical Parameters

parameter name


 input signal type

 Acceleration sensor, speed sensor, buffer signal

 measurement definition

 Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Phase


 True RMS, Peak, Peak-to-Peak, True Peak, True Peak-to-Peak

 Dynamic Range

 >96dB typical

 refresh rate


Data Accuracy

 16 A/D

FFT resolution


 Sample length


 analysis frequency

0.18Hz~75.3KHz (no integration), 0.36Hz~75.3KHz (integration)

 input channel

2 channels





 TFT color LCD screen, 320×240, with backlight, touch screen handwriting input




 1 inch(25.4mm)

 powered by

 powered by

 Rechargeable Li-ion pack

 degree of protection

 IP65(Dustproof and waterproof)

 PC communicationUSB from RS232 serial port


 Relative humidity



Connection cable, charging adapter

Order Guide

 order number

 Accessory selection  A

Portable Vibration Analyzer

1: Connect the cable

2: Charging adapter

Note: This selection is an independent selection of accessories, which is included with the standard configuration of the portable vibration analyzer.

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