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JM-B-6000B rotating machinery monitoring and protection device

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Product Details

System overview The
JM-B-6000B rotating machinery monitoring and protection device provides continuous monitoring functions and is suitable for industrial rotating machinery and equipment applications. The system takes the form of a frame structure and can be connected to a wide range of sensors (acceleration, speed, displacement, eddy current and other types) as well as process quantity sensors (flow, pressure, temperature, analogue, etc.) to provide real-time status monitoring and protection of the unit or machine, and has a powerful expansion capability and compatibility for easy installation. With a wide range of performance and functions not available in other systems.
JM-B-6000B rotating machinery monitoring and protection device, is an intelligent system with supporting configuration software, which can be configured for monitoring parameters, and with redundant power supply design, which makes the system more stable and more operational.

The intelligent modular design of the monitoring system consists of:
- 6000B/05 instrument frame (optional)
Panel mounting with a slot on the left side of the frame dedicated to the power supply and frame interface modules, a slot on the right side of the frame for two relay modules to be fixed in place and the rest of the slots in the frame to be inserted for any combination of monitoring modules to occupy. The modules are inserted into the base plate of the frame and the connection is also done at the rear of the frame. -
6000B/90 One or two power supplies (optional) The
6000B/90 is available in AC and DC versions. A single power supply can be used in the frame or a redundant power supply when the power supply does not allow interruptions. They are located in the upper and lower part of the left end bay of the frame respectively. The redundant power supplies can be powered by different voltage sources. Each power supply can individually power the entire frame and its modules. -
6000B/02S Frame Interface Module (optional) The Frame
Interface Module is the main interface between the 6000B frame and the configuration, display and status monitoring software. Each frame requires a frame interface module, which is installed in the frame slot immediately adjacent to the power supply module and occupies 1 dedicated slot. The frame interface module supports the MODBUS communication protocol which allows the 6000B to communicate data with other systems.
 Also, the module is available with 1 or 2 key phase measurement channels as an option. (optional)
- 6000B/10 Eddy Current Module (optional)
accepts 1 to 4 eddy current displacement transducer inputs for monitoring mechanical parameters such as shaft vibration, shaft displacement, shaft eccentricity, swell, etc. - The
6000B/20 Vibration Module (optional) accepts signals
from vibration transducers.
 This includes: any ICP type acceleration sensor, velocity sensor, magnetoelectric sensor, low frequency sensor; the module can convert acceleration signals into velocity signals or velocity signals into displacement signals. -
6000B/30 Temperature monitoring module
Accepts 1-4 RTD sensor signals.
 - 6000B/40 Relay module The module
is a configurable relay module which allows the configuration of the status parameter states of the channels. Each relay module can be configured with up to 20 relays. - 6000B/50
Speed monitoring module
1-4 eddy current sensor or magnetic sensor signals in the range +12.0V to -24.0V, signals outside this range are internally limited in the module. -
6000B/53 Overspeed monitoring module The
overspeed protection module provides a highly reliable and redundant overspeed monitoring system. The module accepts signals from eddy current or magnetic sensors, compares alarm points and outputs more accurate status information. The overspeed protection module can be combined with a three-two logic overspeed protection system. -
6000B/60 Stroke module Accepts
1-4 signals from the housing expansion: LVDT sensors into displacement signals and tank oil level sensors etc. -
6000B/62 Process Monitoring Module The
Process Monitoring Module is a 4-channel monitor that accepts standard analogue signals (-10V to +10Vdc or 4 to 20mA) for monitoring key parameters of machinery such as pressure, flow, temperature, electrical level etc.


System features

- Redundant design of power supply modules
- LCD display for system configuration
- RS-485 Modbus RTU communication 

- Standard multi-channel module design
- Internal bus communication
- Full software setup for system configuration

Application Areas The
JM-B-6000B rotating machine monitoring and protection device is primarily used for continuous, continuous monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machinery in a wide range of industries and is particularly suitable for applications requiring high reliability and availability for automatic machine protection shutdowns. The types of machines that can be used with this system include, but are not limited to:

- Blowers
- Compressor sets
- Turbine generator sets
- Reduction gears
- Hydro generator sets

- Combustion turbines
- Wind turbines
- Electric motors
- Gearboxes
- Water pumps

  In addition, standard function monitoring module types can be adapted to meet special application requirements through our product customisation capabilities. Please ask our sales staff for detailed information.

System selection

Order Number



 0 0 0 Default

 Power supply module

 A: Type of power supply (upper card slot)

 0 1 90 to 264VAC/47 to 63Hz
0 2 120 to 370VDC

 B: Type of power supply (lower card slot)

 0 0 No power supply (when redundant power supply is not required)
0 1 90 to 264VAC/47 to 63Hz
0 2 120 to 370VDC

 Frame interface module

 A: System interface

 0 1 Ethernet TCP/IP
0 2 RS-485 Modbus RTU
0 3 2 way key phase input

 Eddy current module

 A: I/O module type

 0 0 Standard I/O modules

 Vibration module

 A: Mating sensor type

 0 1 ZHJ-2 vibration speed sensor
0 2 ZHJ-2D piezoelectric speed sensor
0 3 ZHJ-2G piezoelectric acceleration sensor
0 4 ZHJ-3D low frequency vibration sensor

 Temperature monitoring module

 A: I/O module type

 0 1 RTD
0 2 TC

 Relay module

 A: I/O module type

 0 0 Standard I/O modules

 Speed monitoring modules

 A: I/O module type

 0 0 Standard I/O modules

 Speed monitoring system

 A: Channel Options

 0 3 Three-channel system

 Stroke monitoring module

 A: I/O module type

 0 0 Standard I/O modules

 Process volume monitoring module

 A: I/O module type

 0 1 -10 to +10Vdc
0 2 4 to 20mA


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