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JM-C-3ZS Intelligent Speed Monitor

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Product Details

JM-C-3ZS intelligent speed monitor is mainly used to measure the speed of rotating machinery. Users can use various sensors according to the actual situation of the unit. The device greatly improves the simplicity and reliability of installation, and can monitor the rotating machinery in an equal portion of 1 tooth and 120 teeth, and measure 1 revolution per minute. It has large-value memory and display and three-way alarm switch signal output. This device highlights the people-oriented guiding ideology, is highly intelligent, realizes board operation, is suitable for long-term online monitoring, and does not require on-site maintenance.

1. It is highly intelligent, and the parameter setting can realize board operation
. 2. It is suitable for long-term online monitoring. It is convenient and simple to install and debug, and does not require on-site maintenance. 3. Alarm and danger switch output. 4. With 4 ~ 20mA current analog output. 5. The range, alarm, danger, and overspeed values can be set arbitrarily.
6. Large value memory and query.

Instrument technical parameters

1. Display mode: LED digital display
2. Measuring range: 0~9999 rpm (high speed measuring range 0~99999 rpm) 3. Measurement accuracy: ±1 rpm 4. Teeth setting: 1~120 teeth Arbitrary setting (factory value 60 teeth)
5. Input method: (1) CS-1 sensor signal (2) CS-3 sensor signal (3) CWY-DO-φ8mm eddy current sensor

6. Output mode: (1) Current output: 4~20mA (load ≤ 1KΩ)
(2) Three-stage switch output: DC 27V/2A or AC250V/5A7. Operating environment: (1) Temperature -10~65°C ( 2) Relative humidity ≤ 85% 8. Power supply voltage: AC85V-265V/50-400Hz 9. Installation method: disc 10. Dimensions: conventional style: 170mm (length) × 95mm (height) × 170mm (depth) 11. Open Hole size: conventional style: 152mm (length) × 77mm (height)


Instrument installation and use

The intelligent speed monitor is best installed in a clean, dry place with an ambient temperature of -10 to 45°C and no corrosive gases. It should not be installed in places with strong electric field, strong magnetic interference, strong shock or vibration. The shielded cable is used as the connecting wire between the meter and the sensor, and the meter can be put into use only after the wiring is correct.

Order Guide

order number

 Sensor range A

Range selection B

extension C

JM-C-3ZS- intelligent speed monitor

1: CS-1 speed sensor
2: CS-3 speed sensor 3: CWY-DO-φ8mm eddy current sensor n: special requirements

0: None
(arbitrary setting, default 4000rpm)

0: None
2: Dual current

Note: The ones marked with * are the normal values when the company leaves the factory.


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