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JM-B-35L integrated vibration transmitter (piezoelectric)

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Product Details

I. Overview

JM-B-35L Vibration Transmitter is an integrated vibration velocity transmitter. It adopts two-wire system and provides 4-20mA current signal, which is proportional to the vibration velocity of rotating machinery bearing bush or bearing seat. It automatically collects the vibration signal on the machine, and uses the converted analog signal for PLC, DCS and DEH systems, etc.

2. Features

1. It is mainly used to measure the contact bearing vibration measurement of rotating machinery

2. Two-wire 4~20mA current output

3. All-stainless steel shell integrated design

4. The output is sexually protective­­

5. High anti-interference design

3. Technical parameters


1. Measurement parameters: speed

2. Number of channels: single channel

3. Accuracy: ±1%FS@25℃

4. Sensitivity: 0.0 to 20.0 mm/s (default) ± 10%,Trms (true effective value)

[4mA is equal to 0.0 mm/s and 20mA is equal to 20.0 mm/s (default)]

5. Frequency range: 10Hz - 1KHz

6. Measuring range: 0 - 20.0mm/s (default), 0 - 50.0mm/s can be customized


1.4~20mA: Large load 750Ω


1. Diameter: 29.8mm

2. Height: 60 mm

3. Material: stainless steel

4. Output interface: MIL-C-5015, 2 pins (A, B terminals)

5. Protection: IP67

6. Weight: 100g

7. Connector wiring convention: Pin A: 4-20mA positive loop, pin B: 4-20mA negative loop


1. Working temperature: -40℃ ~+100℃

2. Storage temperature: -45℃~+110℃

3. Relative humidity: ≤100% no condensation, no water immersion

powered by

1. Supply voltage: 18~30 Vdc (typically 24Vdc)

4. Order Guide

order number

Measuring rangeA

Mounting thread B

Cable option C


1: 10.0mm/s

2: 20.0mm/s*

3: 40.0mm/s

4: 50.0mm/s

5: 25.0mm/s

6: 30.0mm/s

n: special request

1: M10×1.0×10 (long)

2: M10×1.5×10 (L)*

n: special requirements

1: 2m armored

2: 5m armored

3: 10m armored

4: 2m non-armored

5: 5m unarmoured *

6: 10m unarmoured

n: special requirements

Note: The selection of special requirements needs to describe the specific requirements, "*" indicates the default option.


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