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STC Digital Steam Turbine Controller - Turbine Monitoring

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STC digital steam turbine controller (steam turbine monitoring) is developed based on 32-bit high-performance programmable controller, adopts LCD graphical man-machine interface interface, integrated design of control components and operation panel, can be mounted on the panel or rack, and adapts to the needs of users Different requirements. STC digital steam turbine controller can be used alone as a steam turbine controller, or can be connected with the distributed control system (DCS) and industrial control computer of the unit through 2 serial interfaces or 2 network cards, and accept DCS or operator station computer The control command is used to control the steam turbine. The graphical man-machine interface interface clearly displays the working status of the steam turbine control system, operating parameters and the operating point of the steam turbine on the operating condition diagram.

Application field

The Digital Steam Turbine Controller ( Didtal Steam Turbine Controller, DSTC ) developed based on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller ), together with the electro-hydraulic converter and hydraulic servo actuator of the electro-hydraulic regulating system , form the digital electro-hydraulic ( Digtal Electro - Hydrauic , DEH) control system, providing automatic control of speed, electric power, heating pressure, main pipe pressure and process parameters related to steam turbines and driving machinery, etc. . STC-100 type is suitable for single or double high-pressure steam inlet valve condensing type and back pressure type . STC-200 is suitable for condensing and back pressure turbines with one high-pressure inlet valve, single extraction (or single admission steam ) or two extraction valves.


·         Imported 32-bit programmable controller, stable performance, can realize complex control functions

·         It has two working modes of parameter configuration and operation control

·         Dual power supply, the reliability of the steam turbine controller

·         With Modbus, Ethernet and other communication methods, it is convenient to use in combination with DCS

System specification

·         Automatic control to avoid critical speed (2 critical speed bands preset)

·         Overspeed protection based on speed jump rate

·         Record and display of high flying speed when jumping out

·         Remote analog device for speed/load, auxiliary process parameters, extraction/admission steam

·         Valve Position Limitation of Cold and Hot State Self-starting Sequence Control Based on Steam Turbine Manufacturer's Operating Regulations

·         Speed triple redundant detection and protection

·         Zero speed detection based on eddy current sensor

·         2 independent serial ports

Technical Parameters

parameter name


input signal

Speed: 3 magnetoresistive passive sensors, or eddy current sensors (24Vdc power supply), frequency range 0.5Hz~9.30kHz

Digital input: 16 channels

Analog input: 8-channel programmable current (4~20mA) input

output signal

Switch input: 8 relay outputs

Analog output: 6-channel programmable current (4~20mA) output


Serial interface: 2 RS485

Network interface: 2 Ethernet network cards (only STC-200 type)

Ambient temperature

-10℃ ~+70℃

Use environment humidity


power requirements



Disc type (only STC-100 type), cabinet type (only STC-200 type)

Order Guide

order number

Unit category A

STC Digital Steam Turbine Controller

100: single valve

200: Double valve single extraction and steam intake



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