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JL-B type fastener

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- The fastener is a national railway standard ω-shaped elastic fastener with bolts. It is characterized by the use of conventional B-type elastic strips, and the product has a high degree of generalization. It is mainly used in subway rail transit, which can reduce the noise and vibration of the subway on the surrounding urban environment.

Fastener structure features:

- The fastener is mainly composed of a rubber pad under the rail, a shock absorber and an insulating buffer pad. The damping body is the main body of the damping and noise-reducing fastener. It is a whole composed of upper and lower iron backing plates, middle rubber damping backing plates, nylon locking rings, etc. It is characterized by a detachable structure, and the middle rubber damping The vibration backing plate can be replaced, and the iron backing plate can be reused, which greatly reduces the maintenance and operation costs of the track fastener.

Technical Parameters:

1. The fastener is suitable for 60kg/m rail

2. Spring form: iron standard B-type spring

3. Static stiffness: 10~15KN/mm

4. Dynamic and static ratio: ≤1.35

5. Height adjustment: 40mm

6. Gauge adjustment: single rail -8 ~ +10mm

7. Dimensions: 370mm×200mm

8. Anchor hole distance: 240mm×100mm

9. Scope of application: areas, grounds and tunnels that have high requirements for vibration reduction and noise reduction

10. Vibration and noise reduction effect Under the viaduct, noise reduction> 6dB(A)

(Compared with WJ-2 fasteners) Noise reduction > 4dB (A) at 25m from the roadside

Bridge deck vibration reduction > 8dB (A)

11. Fatigue test In November 2015, another 3 million cycle fatigue tests were passed

Static stiffness change rate before and after fatigue is required to be ≤10%

The measured value is +4.6%~+6.9%

The gauge expansion requirement is ≤4mm; the actual measurement is +1.6mm

Additional information:

1. The overall size of the iron backing plate and the position of the anchor screw hole can be determined according to the needs of the user.

2. Gauge adjustment can also be determined according to user needs.

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