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ETS Turbine Emergency Trip System - Turbine Monitoring

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Steam turbine emergency trip system Steam turbine monitoring is an automatic control and protection device with a programmable logic controller (PLC) as the core. The system adopts redundant commercial double CPU configuration, uses microprocessor to collect shutdown signal sent by on-site protection device, and after calculation, sends out an instruction to close the steam inlet door urgently to stop the steam turbine, and provides shutdown diagnosis information for DCS and SOE systems. Practice has proved that the whole system has high reliability and is an important protection system of the power plant.


technical indicators

The system control cycle is less than 50ms.


The average continuous running time is not less than 99.9%.


The operating environment is 0~40°C.


Power supply: two sets of AC 220V power supplies, each with a capacity of 1.5kVA



The main function

Turbine Overspeed Protection


Lubricating oil low pressure protection


Support pumping and return oil temperature protection


Large expansion difference protection


manual shutdown


Large axial displacement protection


Vacuum low pressure protection


Thrust bearing return oil temperature protection


Bearing bush vibration protection


Generator main protection


Other protection functions can be selected and designed by users according to on-site control requirements.






Dual power supply, non-disruptive switching, good stability


Input and output isolation, strong anti-interference ability


Important signals can be designed redundantly, or two out of three can be voted on


The switching switch with protection is not only convenient to operate, but also prevents the protection from being arbitrarily withdrawn during operation


Emergency stop function independent of PLC, can realize emergency stop under any circumstances


Self-diagnosis function to eliminate potential hidden dangers


Distinguish the indication at the first time, which is convenient for users to analyze the reason


Possess perfect online test means


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